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  • very short hairstyles

    Very short hairstyles are in like never before, but they require a certain amount of confidence to pull off.

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  • short hairstyles

    Short hairstyles are fun and sexy, and require little prep time in the morning when you are in a rush.

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  • up do how to.

    Hairstyles Magazine is looking for expert writers in the beauty, fashion, photography, and business categories.

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  • men's haircuts

    Men's haircuts are as varied today as they are for women, and just as stylish. Not to mention that men are just as apt to use hair color for that final touch.

    Yet good examples of modern and relevant men's haircuts on the web are difficult to find. We think we have put together a collection of men's haircuts that will meet the needs of every man, no matter his style or age.

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  • long hairstyles

    Long hairstyles get a bad rap sometimes. We hear people complaining that they can't do anything with it. Nonsense! Long hairstyles are lucky enough to fall in the category of GORGEOUS and its options are extensive.

    Straight and sexy one day, curly and flirtatious the next. Stop lamenting about your amazing long hair and check out our gallery to get out of your schlump!

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  • Blonde Woman with Medium Length Hairstyle

    Who say's Medium Length Hairstyles are boring? With the Right Haircut and Hair Color, Medium Length Hair is not only Sexy, they are downright Hot!

    They are also some of the most versatile from work look, to play look. They are also cost effective hairdos, saving you time and money when it comes to salon visits.

    Find your Fire in our Medium Length Hairstyles Gallery!

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  • hair care advice grow hair longer

    Is there a secret to growing your hair longer, and if so, what is it? Here are the short facts.

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  • hair care advice grow hair faster

    Does it sometimes feel like it takes forever for your hair to grow? Here is what you can do without wasting your moola.

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  • hair care advice top ten hair myths

    Top Ten Hair Myths! You've heard them too. Here are the top ten myths exposed, and the actual facts.

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  • Tony & Guy - Reflective Hairstyles Trend Release

    Editor's Pick: Want to know what hairstyles are HOT in 2014? This two minute video by Tony & Guy is dead on.

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  • Hair Advice

  • Winter Hair Care

    Winter Hair Care Tips

    Jack Frost is knocking at the door. Do you know what precautions you should take for your hair? Here are the hair facts from Damien R. von Dahlem.

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  • Welcome To HairStyles Magazine!

  • Damien R. von Dahlem & Girlfriend Roxy Star.

    A Letter from the Editor and Chief of HairStyles Magazine.

    A welcome letter from the elusive Style-Guru, Damien Richard von Dahlem about his latest creation, "HairStyles Magazine". The behind the scenes, the vision, the promise, and the future!

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